Winter Service

From your friendly, neighbourhood Mud, Sweat & Gears.

[pricing_table style=”default”][pricing_column highlight=”true” color=”Accent-Color” title=”Full Tune” id=”1440649100-1-25″ tab_id=”1440649513785-0″ price=”59.99″ currency_symbol=”$” interval=”Per tune” highlight_reason=”best deal”]Our trained staff only use top quality tools to make sure your equipment is on point and performing at its peak. Below is a breakdown of our Full-Tune service for either snowboard or skis.

  • Base & Side Edge Sharpen
  • Base Grind
  • Stone Structure
  • Wax(to your specifications)

We use our state-of-the-art Wintersteiger machine to accurately enhance both your base and base edge to your desired specifications.[/pricing_column][pricing_column color=”Accent-Color” title=”Sharpen & Wax” id=”1440649100-2-22″ tab_id=”1440649514006-0″ price=”34.99″ currency_symbol=”$” interval=”per board/skis”]We hand hot wax every board or pair of skis that is booked for this service. What your get is a temperature specific wax, with a machine sharpened side edge to maximize your equipments performance. We guarantee all out service and only use the highest quality waxes.

  • Ski or Snowboard Side Edge Sharpen
  • Wax (Hand Wax)


[pricing_table style=”flat-alternative”][pricing_column highlight=”true” color=”Extra-Color-2″ title=”Wax (hand)” id=”1440649100-1-25″ tab_id=”1440650046671-9″ price=”19.99″ currency_symbol=”$” interval=”per board or skis” highlight_reason=”Most Popular”]Hot wax to your temperature specifications done by hand. Keep your gear in shape and stay ahead of your friends on the hill.[/pricing_column][pricing_column color=”Accent-Color” title=”P-tex” id=”1440649100-2-22″ tab_id=”1440650047024-2″ price=”9.99 – 24.99″ currency_symbol=”$” interval=”based on damage”]

Minor base repair for your set of skis or snowboard. Price will depend on the extent of the damage.[/pricing_column][pricing_column color=”Accent-Color” title=”Base Repairs” id=”1440650050067-0-9″ tab_id=”1440650050071-1″ price=”19.99″ currency_symbol=”$” interval=”Starting at”]

The price of any base repairs will depend on the extent of the damage.

*Edge replacement & repairs
*Base repairs & replacement
*Core shot repairs[/pricing_column][pricing_column color=”Accent-Color” title=”Ski Binding Mount” id=”1440650051657-0-7″ tab_id=”1440650051659-5″ price=”79.99″ currency_symbol=”$” interval=”Per set of skis”]We will drill and mount your new ski bindings using our variety of jigs. Only trained staff are certified to mount ski bindings, so the job is done right.

*FREE SERVICE with purchase of new skis from Mud, Sweat & Gears.[/pricing_column][/pricing_table]

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As far as bike service goes, Mud, Sweat & Gears has you covered. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality workmanship and knowledge to mix in with our talented group of bicycle mechanics. Come to Mud, Sweat & gears’ service department and see for yourself.

SERVICE POLICY : 30 Day Adjustment Guarantee: We guarantee all of our mechanical work and adjustments for a period of 30 days. Upon completion, boards/skis/bikes that are left here more than 10 days will be subject to a $ 25.00 storage fee.We are not responsible for scratches to your equipment while it is in our possession.

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