Sherwood Park Staff

Brandon Bishop

Brandon is our Service Manager in Sherwood Park

Jeff Jones

Jeff is a Sales Manager in Sherwood Park

Jessica Wuthrich

Jess is a Manager in Sherwood Park

Roman Hermens

Roman is the tech/web/snow guy in the park

Paul Burgess

Paul runs the show, directing all the animals

Mike Rajotte

Mike likes bikes

Ryan Comstock

Ryan builds bikes out in sherwood park

Austin Corey

Austin builds bikes in Sherwood Park

Darla Flanagan

Darla is our newest staff member in Sherwood Park


Shop Dog, Web-Specialist

Katie Claverley

Sales associate in Sherwood Park


Lee's has been around bikes! He can help you with DH stuff, BMX stuff and Snowboard related questions.


A new staff member in Sherwood Park, Mark enjoys moustaches and long walks with flat tires.

Jano Raymond

A new staff member in Sherwood Park, Jano enjoys the outdoors and hot chocolate.


Workin' overtime, not our friendliest staff member.

Spruce Grove Staff

David Hermens

Dave has been a part of this shop family for a long time and now he officially works here - WOO!


Lucas is a new shop member in Spruce Grove.


Manny "Emmanuel Reyes" is the service manager in Spruce Grove

Caitlyn Smerechinsky

Cait is the Sales Manager in Spruce Grove

Keenan Buckle

Keenan has joined our Spruce Grove Team.

Red Deer Staff

Greg Potts

Greg joins us as a Red Deer loacl. We're really excited to have him on our team.

Sean Watson

Sean Manages the New Red Deer Store. He has been with MS&G since nearly day 1!

Mackenzie Dolo

Dolo made the move to help oversee the new Red Deer location

Karl Watermann

Karl likes the outdoors.

Dan Voicey

Dan is on the Red Deer Team.

Devin Szmata

Devin works in Red Deer. He is upside-down.

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