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Sign up for one of our Ride Groups and enjoy the benefits of all of them! If you’d like to ride with one of our road cycle groups, no problem! Want to switch over to MTB rides this week, go for it! As a member of an MS&G Cycle Group, you have the option to ride in ANY of the groups! All you need to do is let the appropriate group leader know!

Ride Groups Calendar 2019
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
SHPK – MTB Women’s Specific Mountain Bike
Spruce Grove MTB Time TBD
Spruce Grove ROAD Evening @ Sorrentinos SG
SHPK Road Beginner Evening @ Various Locations
SHPK Road Intermediate Evening @ Wye School Century Training Ride
SHPK Road Advanced Evening @ Wye Elementary
Mud, Sweat & Beers Evening Misc. Locations

Road Ride Groups.

Beginner Road Group

Tuesday nights

Led by Sue and Kent Timanson, this group is meant as a social, no drop very easy paced road ride.  Sticking together and enjoying the ride is the focus of this group, there can be stops along the way to keep everyone together.  These rides will be Tuesday nights at 6:30pm, start date TBA. The start location will vary.  You will be contacted by email once you are signed up as a member.

Spruce Grove Road Group

Thursday Nights

Led by Shaun Musgrave, this road group ride is structured for those on road bikes that would like to get a good workout in a fun social environment while learning the fundamentals of road riding.  This group ride is also structured for those who want to gradually build up their endurance at a moderate pace (22-32 km/ hr pace).  Please no mountain bikes.  This is a no-drop group, encouraging and inclusive, for all level of riders.   We meet Thursday nights at the Sorrentino’s Café in Spruce Grove, leaving at 6:15pm until the days get longer.  Additional rides will be added in June to accommodate the interest of riders of the club.   You will be contacted by email once you are signed up as a member.

Fast Paced Road Group

Wednesday Nights

Led by Carl Watkins and Peter Maguire, the group will be focusing on riding in a tight group, drafting at pace, and developing skills in a rotating paceline.  We meet Wednesday nights at Wye School, early season start time will be 6pm until days are longer. Depending on weather we hope to start May 3rd – TBA.  You will be contacted by email once you are signed up as a member.

Intermediate Road Group

Coordinator: Glen Bosecke | Assistant: Justin Becker

We meet Thursday nights leaving from Wye School at 6:30 PM until the days get longer. Depending on weather, we hope to start riding mid to late April.  You will be contacted by email once you are signed up as a member. Through-out the season we change locations and training aspects – including higher cadence rides, hilly routes… The Intermediate rides are designed to be a little more challenging, with a little more distance and a few more hills than you’ll find in MS&G beginner rides. If you’ve set a goal for completing a century ride (100km) you’ll want to spend some time in this group, building mileage and improving your endurance. The Sunday group is structured to help get you to that Century ride including longer rides building endurance toward your Century ride. You will gain more experience with faster group rides and feeling confident riding at any position in the bunch. You should have good bike handling skillsTerrain will be a mix of flat areas and hills, with distances between 30 and 45 km.
. Speeds will approach 24-30 km per hour (average pace on flat ground). There will be a few stops to grab a drink, re-group, and allow for brief breaks. Best for those who ride 2 or 3 times per week, for more than an hour each time. Riders will travel in a group with a group leader. The group typically stops to assist when someone has a flat. The pace should allow for comfortable, social conversation without being out of breath. Should be able to sustain a moderate degree of physical exertion, taking a few breaks.  The group usually re-groups at the top of hills or before major changes in direction. This is a no-drop group, encouraging and inclusive, however not for beginners. Road bikes are encouraged.

Intermediate Road Group | Ride your first Century

Leader: Justin Beckers
Distance: 40 – 160km

Led by Justin, this road group ride is for those on road bikes that would like to get a good workout in a fun, social, and supportive environment while improving group riding skills. This no-drop group ride is structured to build up your endurance at an intermediate pace (26-32km/hr) building up from 40km to your first (?) century (100km or 160km). This no-drop group is encouraging, and inclusive but not for complete beginners. Please no mountain bikes.  We will meet Sunday mornings at 9 am at various locations in Strathcona County (TBA) The length of the rides will progress from 1.5 hrs at the start of the season to 5+hours by the middle of September. Ride start location and start time may change to ride in new areas of Strathcona County and to allow for the increasingly long rides. Depending on weather, we hope to start meeting mid-April; you will be contacted by email once you are signed up as a member. Riders interested in this group are strongly encouraged to check out the other Mud Sweat and Gears rides to work on speed (with Carl and the Wednesday fast-paced group), group riding and pacing and a good workout (with Glen and the Thursday night intermediate group) and for a more social recovery ride (with Kent and the Tuesday night beginner group).

No drop, supportive, fun, social.
No mountain Bikes

Fees and Goodies Included:

$85.00 Club Membership Fee which includes:

-MSG Jersey
-MSG Waterbottle
-15% Off Parts and Accessories for the Season

$65.00 Membership Fee which Includes:-MSG Waterbottle
-15% Off Parts and Accessories

MTB Ride Groups.

Mud, Sweat & BEERS

Wednesday nights 

Less race oriented, more fun orientate, the rides are on Wednesday evenings. Start time is around 6 pm at various locations. To sign up contact [email protected] . All rider abilities welcome.

*Ride start date TBA, registered riders will receive and email as to date, time and location.

Womens MTB Group – SHPK

Monday Nights

  • Rides will be every Monday evening starting at different locations throughout the river valley. An email with the details will be sent the day before.
  • Please arrive on time and be ready to ride for 6:30. If you are running late, stuck in traffic or behind a train, please contact a lead to advise your attendance.
  • All riders MUST wear a helmet when on bike. Gloves and eyewear highly encouraged.
  • Please ensure your mountain bike is in good working order.
  • Pack enough food and water to last the ride.
  • Carry supplies to be self-sufficient (Multi-tool, spare tube and pump).
  • Ensure your group lead is aware of any RELEVANT medical conditions.
  • Be positive and have fun!

Co-ed MTB Group – SG

Thursday Nights

This group is for riders that are Intermediate to advanced mountain bikers. Rides will be in the river valley with a challenging but fun group ride environment led by Karen Szewczuk-Shackleton.  Start Date, time and location TBA by email, please ensure you are registered prior to riding.

Fees and Goodies Included:

$85.00 Club Membership Fee which includes:

-MSG Jersey
-MSG Water Bottle
-15% Off Parts and Accessories for the Season

Register today Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park or Red Deer!