LINE Traveling Circus

10 Years?? Crazy! But here we are, with the first episode of the tenth season. And it also happens to be the fiftieth episode. That’s right, FIFTY episodes. Over the years, Will Wesson and Andy Parry have criss-crossed the country an absurd amount of times, consumed countless pizzas, and inspired a whole generation of skiers along the way.

Traveling Circus

From the humble beginnings passing the camera back and forth to the developed, world-traveling scope it is today, LINE Traveling Circus has cemented its place in skiing history — without abandoning the founding impulse. LTC has always celebrated the weird, the odd, and the downright strange. And Season Ten stays true to those roots.

Traveling Circus AZ

For the 50th Episode, Will Wesson, Andy Parry, and Jarrad McCarl headed south to Arizona. The Group explores the wonderful world of leisure, studies the unique flora and fauna, and skis the Arizona Snowbowl terrain park. Oh yeah, and Jarrad gets his ear pierced with a cactus needle. So without further introduction, check out the new episode!