2019 Juliana Furtado R-Kit


*Bike displayed in picture above is the R-Kit Aluminum 27.5 version.*

The 2019 Juliana Furtado is available in the following kits:

  • D / Aluminum / 27.5
  • D / Aluminum / 27+
  • R / Aluminum / 27.5 (as pictured above)
  • R / Aluminum / 27+
  • S / Aluminum / 27.5
  • S / Aluminium / 27+
  • R / Carbon C / 27.5
  • R / Carbon C / 27+
  • S / Carbon C / 27.5
  • S / Carbon C / 27+
  • X01 / Carbon CC / 27.5
  • X01 / Carbon CC / 27+
  • XTR / Carbon CC / 27.5
  • XTR / Carbon CC / 27+

When you just want one, this is the one.

The go-to model for all-round riders, the Furtado proves that what goes up (well) can come down (equally well), too.

The balance of 130mm VPP travel and a 66.5° head tube angle delivers a package that’s nimble on tight technical stuff yet perfectly poised on tricky descents too.

The upper-link driven VPP design is engineered to be ultra-responsive. A firm initial stroke creates tight pedaling performance straight off the bat, while Juliana’s lighter shock tune remains supple enough to handle small bumps and keep things feeling playful. Deeper into the travel the progressive shock rate delivers a subtle bottom-out resistance that makes it feel like there’s more travel than there actually is.

The Furtado is suitable for almost all types of riders and trails. It has a unique personality that ranges from feisty dance partner on hot laps to trusty companion on more far flung adventures. We spec 2.6-inch tires on Reserve 37 rims because we feel it’s the sweet spot between traction and finesse, but there’s still enough clearance for up to 2.8-inch tires for those who want more grip.