2019 Santa Cruz Hightower LT S-Kit

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*Bike displayed in picture above is the S-Kit Carbon C 29 version.*

The 2019 Santa Cruz Hightower LT is available in the following kits:

  • R / Carbon C / 29
  • S / Carbon C / 29 (as pictured above)
  • Xo1 / Carbon CC / 29
  • XTR / Carbon CC / 29
  • XX1 Reserve / Carbon CC / 29

This one goes to 150.

Stretching its legs to a full 150mm of VPP travel, the Hightower LT was born to the meet demands of our Enduro World Series race team and designed for maximum speed in big terrain.

Matched with a 150mm fork, the 29in-wheeled LT is travelled-up and pared-down for pure performance. It rolls up its sleeves for high speed, big hit pedigree.

From the Chilean Andes to the French Alps, across the pond to the Coastal Range of British Columbia and back to the seashore of Finale Ligure, this is the race-ready weapon that our enduro team choose for every contest on their globe-trotting quest for podiums (and good times).