2018 Nordica Enforcer 100

$799.99 $639.99

Now comprising four models, from 93 to 115 mm, the Enforcer series has been a smash success for Nordica, and this is the model that got it all going. When it debuted two years ago, the original 100-mm Enforcer’s reputation, bolstered by unanimously ravey mag-test reviews and message-board chatter, quickly spread. By October, Nordica was sold out, and stores were soon picked clean of all sizes. Last year Nordica added a 93-mm version; this year an Enforcer 110 and even a 115-mm Enforcer Pro (191 cm only). It’s nice to have width options to suit any all-mountain preference, but the 100 remains a ski that other ski brands should be benchmarking against. The Enforcer is a flawless blend of all the vertical-sidewall, metal-reinforced power and edginess you’d expect from a Mantra or a Bonafide, but with way more forgiveness and exuberance than a ski this sturdy should have. Attack or lay back, expert or intermediate, skid or smear…the Enforcer always seems happy. Flex, sidecut, tapering, and sidewall construction all work together to deliver a ride quality that instills confidence and makes you a better skier. Testers routinely rave about how “intuitive” the Enforcer is to ski. And while they agree that it’s an expert-level, hard-charging style of attack that really brings it to life, they’re certain it will also reveal its charms to all but the most cautious intermediates. Hopefully this time Nordica made enough to go around.

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